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"Who do we not save?"

I guess we have part of the answer.

And we know: it was a choice!


Ok so I don’t know how to get off the animated emoji screen, I have no idea how to post a gif, there is a poll feature so let’s check it out.

Who knows what they’re doing?

Ok can anyone help me by telling me:

Is favouriting the same as liking?

How do we change our banner on our home page (the photo along the top)?

I’ve seen people do gifs so I know it’s possible but how????

:squishygecko: :sp_dusk: :kirby_idle: :nextcloud: :monero: :drake_like: (selection of random emojis just for the hell of it)

Hardly a day goes by without the government doing or saying something awful.

Today the High Court ruled that discharging patients to care homes without first testing them was unlawful. Thousands died. The government even lied about it - “a protective ring” they claimed.

CHICKEN NEWS: We can let our rescue hens out on Monday! They've been under a housing order because of avian flu here (UK). It's been 6 months since they've been able to scratch around in the grass outdoors.


Anti-vaxx is another thing you don't see much of here, if your admin is even halfway competent; the idea of exposing your users to that sort of nonsense is something that can only occur to a corporation, regular folks making their own social networks always block/remove that stuff.

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hey guys!

the @guardian has a new home! I continue to post the most interesting and important news articles from here.

Thanks a lot for following this account!

Oh, so you can raise existing taxes and create new taxes on U.K. citizens while being a resident of and paying all your taxes to the US?

These Tories are craven, I’ll give em that…

Being very quiet on here, trying to work out how to get around 🤣It's making me hold my head only because l'm not used to this Platform.

I love ,
I hate cruelty and think Hunting Animals should be banned out right.
Intense dislike of Johnson's Tory Party and the Far Right.

I despair at what some people have become. Often found being shouty on 🐦 and waffling about (made up World) but looking elsewhere because of a Car Salesman!

Just wanna ask a political question.

Would you like to see to be reversed?

Reboost are really appreciated :)

The Tory’s #PolicingBill passed last night, now awaiting royal assent.

The police will be able to arrest peaceful protesters, and target Gypsys / travellers way of life.

It no longer feels like we are living in a ‘democracy’, we’re being oppressed by the wealthy, nothing more.


Absolutely farcical that anyone would think this bunch of trough-grubbing, gold-wallpapered, economy-trashing, fraud-enabling, arrogant arsehats are going to come up with a single idea that will actually help us in this cost of living crisis.
They haven’t got a sodding clue.


here's another thing to note about fediverse: since it has no central control there are also bad actors. some of them really bad and mean. we (as network of communities) have however some very good tools to fight these:

on user level mute or block an account or whole instance if harbouring nazis and the like

on instance level report and ask your admin to block a malicious account (or whole instance) for everyone on your instance.

tell fedi about it via #FediBlock

Do you trust Elon Musk to run Twitter?

@realaqua HOME is people you follow. LOCAL is other people on your instance. FEDERATED is the whole wide world.

Can’t wait to see the usual suspects wheeled out to wring their hands and lament ‘a few bad apples’.

The reality is Met Police is institutionally racist and corrupt. Until those structural issues are resolved it’ll remain unfit for purpose

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