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Googleads is misleading people searching for #Kdenlive. Please help retweet (if you are on twitter) to stop this.

If Trump and everyone who isn’t wearing a mask would just do what the man in the picture is doing and #WearAMask - we could be on our way to recovery. #VoteBiden2020

back when i was a liberal the day before the 2016 election i was watching a clip from full frontal where samantha bee basically said "i'm not voting for hillary clinton, i'm voting for badass hillary rodham" and that was the first time i seriously thought "oh my god we're gonna fuckin lose". anyway the point im making is there are people making #settleforbiden memes around the clock TODAY it is JULY

They’re asking for records held by his accountants. So, unless Mazars wants to commit professional suicide on behalf of Donald Trump, the New York AG is getting those records. 7-2 decision. #SCOTUS

Supreme Court says Manhattan prosecutor may see Trump’s personal financial records:

Honestly I think physics programs would be a lot better if they included a course on the history of physics with an emphasis on how physicists often do really fucked up shit to obtain the freedom to do their research

After the 1918 influenza outbreak, there were waves of encephalitis outbreaks for almost 15 years following that.

COVID-19 appears to do far more damage to the brain than the flu. Prepare for waves of encephalitis, more deaths for years to come, and many many disabled who will require higher taxes to care for.

I'll bet those right-wing anti-maskers haven't thought about the long term costs of this yet. And when they do, they'll probably argue to just let them all die.

What's up, work is almost over so I'm not giving a fuck about "dress code" and I'm being as queer as I can be (selfie, EC)

Cancel culture is real and it's when blue mages play bad 3+ mana counterspells in limited without many other instants or ways to use their mana so they end up wasting their mana

I think my ammonium chloride intake must be way beyond healthy

@Ophillous i put the "sub" in "i only watch anime subbed you baka gaijin"

@SirLotsaLocks I literally had to DDG "pop tart" to make sure I was thinking of the right thing

if you’re racist and you’re fired, it’s your fault
*clap clap*
if you’re sexist and you’re fired, it’s your fault
*clap clap*
if you’re transphobic and you know it
and full of shit enough to show it
if you’re racist and you’re fired, it’s your fault
*clap clap clap*

tentacles, sexuality, flags 

Saw this posted as a monster fucker pride flag and thought it might be relevant to some of y'alls interests.

the most scathing reply archetype that exists on here isn't the siddon, or calling someone a chud, or critiquing their points legitimately, no, the ONLY way to ensure that someone is UTTERLY destroyed, the thing so vile that it keeps me up at night just dreading the day it happens to me, is when someone replies to your post with just a single word that's a repetition of a typo you made

Out of curiosity is there a good facebook alternative in the

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