Normalise saying "I don't think I know enough to have a good opinion".

@Skankyfish normalize never contributing anything to the conversation because of your overwhelming self doubt

@Fourteen we all feel like that sometimes. The trick is to figure out when your doubt is lying to you and speak up anyway. It's hard.

Ps love the username, praise the Elden lord


I am already on that task! It really needs to be a more popular option.

@Skankyfish god, please! That phrase has been so very important in my life :ac_omg:

And use 'I think' or 'I believe' or formulate as question instead of simply stating stuff if you are not sure. Mark stuff as opinion as opposed to reoroducing facts.

@grob Absolutely! I tend to use "maybe", or "I wonder if", or "I think the factors to consider might include...".

But honestly being able to comfortably say I don't know is really liberating. It gives you room to learn new things :)

Yes!! It really opens things up for generating actual knowledge. Questioning stuff is what science is all about (among other things), right? 💪

A small problem might be: if your only contribution is "I don't know", are you really going to reply here, on social media? But that's a side note, really.

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