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Dogecoin wasn't stupid enough so they made another one. Unbelievable

What makes this worse is it didn't even download any updates
it literally took 30 minutes to just check for updates
like hoooow

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Literally just wanted to play some games...yet I am sitting at this screen for 30 minutes

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Plottwist of the century:
Minecraft Bedrock is not bad...
just highly fucking unstable xD

its kinda interesting how there is no such thing like a "Best OS".
Liking an OS or not kinda depends on preferences:
Do you want to have full control or do you not mind the OS doing stuff on its own?
Are you worried that the OS follows your steps or not because all companies do that anyways?
Do you want a right out of the box gaming experience or do you not mind tweaking?
Big surprise but not everyone is interested in if a OS can play games properly or not.

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From our user stats #KDE remains the most popular desktop environment with #GNOME second

Opposite for Wayland but far fewer users currently.

If you are annoyed by various Twitter trends there actually is a very easy solution with uBlock

Honestly even tho i hate Windows 10 its not completely bad. I even have to thank it for brought me to Linux :ablobcatbongo:

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Can't wait for the day where i have just one very powerful GPU instead of a iGPU and dGPU that has problems working

Call me a hater if you want but no one can tell me this is fun xD

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