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Especially if you consider that you can't disable the algorithm doing that. They just force it onto you.

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I sometimes find it interesting how people fear censorship on private or decentralized platforms yet i feel like the algorithm on Twitter purposely removing something is also censorship. Not intended one most likely but still is censoring.

I really wish i wouldn't see more and more toxic stuff from the Linux and FOSS community.
I of course know and get not everyone is like this but man it feels kinda hard to just look away when you know that you and that person basically share the same interest.

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"Apple is permanently restrained [...] from prohibiting developers from including in their apps and their metadata buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms, in addition to In-App Purchasing."


The last days i feel like i saw a lot of people not getting that people not use private services straight up for 100% privacy
i for example just wanna be sure that the company is not using my emails for ad revenue *cough* Gmail *cough* Yahoo Mail
Not using it for illegal stuff
I think some can guess what i am reffering to and we all can have different opinions
Tbh the comments here also sound a lot more logical than on Twitter

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So i just recently had a thought
DXVK-native was publicly released recently
And the Bedrock version of Minecraft is running in DirectX (The Windows and Xbox Edition at least)
would it be possible to bring Minecraft Bedrock to by using DXVK?
Also yes i am aware there is a method already to play Minecraft Bedrock but i would like an official port for Linux and even macOS

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PSA: if anyone emails you from, or with this "proposal", DO NOT FALL FOR IT, it's a scam. We don't own those domains and we will never spam you. Please spread the word!

It's honestly almost sad I am getting more excited of indie projects getting released than a game from a big corp.
If you are a game developer please don't think not selling yourself to a company will make your game disappear into the shadows. Just look how popular games like Undertale became while it was developed by literally one person. If you need funding just ask for donations or open a kickstarter and you could end up with 100k USD worth of fundings like SCP: Pandemic.

Reasons i prefer
- More traditional UIs
- Faster and more lightweight
- Better OpenGL Performance (no 100% confirm on that)
- non-forced updates
- fully customizable

Reasons i prefer
- Better game support due DirectX
- Very neat office suite
- Xbox games (Xbox Play Anywhere)
- Integrated Recording (Screenshots and Clips)

What i wanna say with this? Simple, there is no "better". Use whatever fits you the best. uwu

in case someone is bored
i made a template where you can put in your favorite OS from , and
But to make it a little more unique i also added some sub categories like DOS and NT or Arch-based and Ubuntu-based

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Is there a way to request an username change on ?
Specifically on Fosstodon

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