in case someone is bored
i made a template where you can put in your favorite OS from , and
But to make it a little more unique i also added some sub categories like DOS and NT or Arch-based and Ubuntu-based

I found the true reason for the EU Copyright directive
They want us to use

how ironic that Twitter is meant to show "Trends for me" yet Mastodon provides trends that rather interest me lol

Makes me happy to kinda have a more proper Linux Gaming experience now than before. For context: I have a NVIDIA Optimus laptop which means i have two GPUs. The dGPU aka. NVIDIA GPU often refused to run along side the iGPU which was pretty annoying but things have changed and now it works okay.

Literally just wanted to play some games...yet I am sitting at this screen for 30 minutes

If you are annoyed by various Twitter trends there actually is a very easy solution with uBlock

Can't wait for the day where i have just one very powerful GPU instead of a iGPU and dGPU that has problems working

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