So i just recently had a thought
DXVK-native was publicly released recently
And the Bedrock version of Minecraft is running in DirectX (The Windows and Xbox Edition at least)
would it be possible to bring Minecraft Bedrock to by using DXVK?
Also yes i am aware there is a method already to play Minecraft Bedrock but i would like an official port for Linux and even macOS

Reasons i prefer
- More traditional UIs
- Faster and more lightweight
- Better OpenGL Performance (no 100% confirm on that)
- non-forced updates
- fully customizable

Reasons i prefer
- Better game support due DirectX
- Very neat office suite
- Xbox games (Xbox Play Anywhere)
- Integrated Recording (Screenshots and Clips)

What i wanna say with this? Simple, there is no "better". Use whatever fits you the best. uwu

in case someone is bored
i made a template where you can put in your favorite OS from , and
But to make it a little more unique i also added some sub categories like DOS and NT or Arch-based and Ubuntu-based

Considering this game didn't work at all at first this is pretty alright lol

Can anyone recommend me hardware that is fully compatible with ?
I know that GPUs often tend to not be compatible but from a friend i kinda experienced that apparently even the motherboard can be incompatible. So i would really prefer having a PC that just fully works with Linux but i still want to build it myself instead of buying one from System76 for example.


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