My Windows 11 Conclusion:
A lot better than i thought at first sight. The UI was greately fixed and legacy apps get finally updated instead of making new apps that are literally just a duplicate. Yet i am still not happy with what has been done to the hardware requirement. Not the overall info how much cores and RAM you need but the CPU compatibility list. Its very obvious its related to Microsoft wanting to make you buy newer hardware instead of using your old. (most likely due license money)

Pros and Cons about 11 i have (+ = Pro, - = Con):
+ New store that basically acts as a package manager
+ More consistent and modern looking UI
+ Android app support right out of the box
- Very weird hardware requirements
- Could have been a major update instead of new edition
- Update block when requirements are not met
- Confusing default application setup probably in favor of Microsoft applications

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Since my Twitter account has a seizure right now.
Hi Mastodon watup

@itsfoss Maybe should have gone with them when I was switching my provider.
Was just unsure since I never heard of them before which is kinda ironic considering I am from Germany.

@itsfoss doesn't sound too bad
might even think it could be good for school calls even tho downloading a whole browser just for video conference is most likely too much for a lot of people

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@itsfoss Pretty sure free games gonna enable it. More players is good for them (and potentially profitable)

Being a Linux Gamer in 2021 begins to become amazing
and many other improvements like Ray Tracing in Vulkan

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Especially if you consider that you can't disable the algorithm doing that. They just force it onto you.

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I sometimes find it interesting how people fear censorship on private or decentralized platforms yet i feel like the algorithm on Twitter purposely removing something is also censorship. Not intended one most likely but still is censoring.

I really wish i wouldn't see more and more toxic stuff from the Linux and FOSS community.
I of course know and get not everyone is like this but man it feels kinda hard to just look away when you know that you and that person basically share the same interest.

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"Apple is permanently restrained [...] from prohibiting developers from including in their apps and their metadata buttons, external links, or other calls to action that direct customers to purchasing mechanisms, in addition to In-App Purchasing."


@videogames1000 @gamingonlinux Most likely
But i wondered if there was some way in the application itself to join it
Right now i have the stable release installed from the Manjaro repository

The last days i feel like i saw a lot of people not getting that people not use private services straight up for 100% privacy
i for example just wanna be sure that the company is not using my emails for ad revenue *cough* Gmail *cough* Yahoo Mail
Not using it for illegal stuff
I think some can guess what i am reffering to and we all can have different opinions
Tbh the comments here also sound a lot more logical than on Twitter

@gamingonlinux since i just noticed the original got deleted i repeat my question
How do i join the Beta of Lutris? lol

@gamingonlinux How do i join the Beta version? I currently have the stable release in the Manjaro Repository.

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