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@Gargron sorry to disturb but how exactly does the website verification work? I put the code on my Toyhouse but I also added a HTML to make it invisible on the website itself because it looks weird. Can this break the verification or am I just being impatient lol.
(reason for hidding it: Toyhouse reacts when I use @ and thinks I am trying to mention a Toyhouse user)

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How long does it take for Mastodon to verify a website? I put the verification code on my toyhouse but its not getting shown as verified.
Not like i need it but i still found it pretty neat.

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I really appreciate how easy it is to switch around on Linux. Want to go from XFCE to Cinnamon? No problem, a few packages and here i go.

If the automated updates wouldn't have been a fact back in the days it wouldn't be so bad honestly. They should have just kept the old concept of updates were you are in control of it.

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While Windows 11 doesn't seem to become a disaster like Windows 10 have you ever thought about how crazy and rude that seems from Microsoft? They forced people onto Windows 10 with hidden upgrades in Win7, corrupted people's files to a point where they even got sued, let people went to a lot of pain because they had no idea how to make their system work. All of that just because Windows 10 is the "last" and ultimate version of Windows. And all of that for nothing now because Windows 11? xD

Who would have guessed its good to actually listen and support people instead of shitting on them

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Since i am kinda in the mood
here some positivity about Microsoft that shows they can do good when they just try lol:

- Financially supported and helped Moon Studios publishing Ori

- Brought cross-play more into mainstream

- Porting over Xbox exclusives to the Windows 10 OS (even tho it basically hurts their market)

- Helped Cuphead getting ported to the Nintendo Switch even tho its a competitor (same with the Ori games and Super Lucky's Tail)

- Shits on Apple partnership for fairness

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Is it just me or is it weird to see KDE Plasma a powerful desktop with a lot of effects and features having less RAM usage than XFCE a lightweight desktop with almost no effects? Not based on actual facts btw. but i see more and more benchmarks showing how KDE Plasma takes up less than XFCE and even more desktops that have far less effects.

Its pretty similar to a private server i have now but the main difference is that there is no voting between 3 people. Its literally just "You want this person? They have no bad history? Get them on here!".

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Interesting server concept i had before "retiring" from server moderation:
Imagine a public server that has no public link but basically a system where people on the server can invite whoever of their friends they want.
With this you get people around that server members like and avoid some random weirdo joining in and ruining the mood of everyone.
(Of course the catch would be that the user must be on the server for a specific time)

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KDE's 2020 Annual Report is out. Catch up with all our activities during the year of the pandemic, how we allocated resources, and the new plans and projects that we started.

After checking Wikipedia it apparently was? So i assume a lot of services here just didn't really care until it got a lot more aggressive lol.

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I just randomly noticed that with my moderation experience of 6 years it would mean i was a moderator since i was 12 or even freaking 11. Which can't be because don't you have to be 13 to use the internet? Well big shocker i think back in my childhood that wasn't a thing yet.

I found the true reason for the EU Copyright directive
They want us to use

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