: I will continue be super busy at my workplace for the next few months! Progress will be slow and will bleed into the next year, since weekends are needed to recover!

: The project's application for an open source @Docker repository was denied due to being "commercially backed" (Patreon patronage??????). Docker support for 0.4.0 is going to be dropped due to time constraints due to finding/setting up an alternative!

: I have been working on the SummerCoat branch and there has been a bunch of work done in it, but to reduce the risk of that going away I am cherry picking a bunch of things. This should reduce the differences in that branch by much!

: I did some optimization of the Shell Sort algorithm in SquirrelJME, for arrays that are smaller in size.

: Updated all the branches to trunk so that they do not fall too behind, but all the development branches! t.co/JFDff0w69V

: The one compiler issue of the past three months has been resolved and progress can continue on!

: Taking a break and taking June off, will get back in July!

: Another test, please ignore! Is this the final test??

: If you are on Libera Chat, we do have a channel there if you are interested in joining on IRC!

: The project lead position is now officially titled: Lead Squirrel!

: With the new book, i-mode (NTT Docomo) support within SquirrelJME is very viable!

: This is a small demonstration of stepping around code via JDWP using IntelliJ as a debugger for SquirrelJME, of which debugging support is currently being worked on.


: At 13:35 EDT on April 21, 2021 all of the branches for SquirrelJME were deleted by an unknown means through an API key. This affected only GitHub. Keys have been revoked and cycled, and all code/branches have been restored.

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