: Taking a break and taking June off, will get back in July!

: Another test, please ignore! Is this the final test??

: If you are on Libera Chat, we do have a channel there if you are interested in joining on IRC!

: The project lead position is now officially titled: Lead Squirrel!

: With the new book, i-mode (NTT Docomo) support within SquirrelJME is very viable!

: This is a small demonstration of stepping around code via JDWP using IntelliJ as a debugger for SquirrelJME, of which debugging support is currently being worked on.


: At 13:35 EDT on April 21, 2021 all of the branches for SquirrelJME were deleted by an unknown means through an API key. This affected only GitHub. Keys have been revoked and cycled, and all code/branches have been restored.

: Looks like GitHub deleted all of the branches I have been working on, how unfortunate.

: Looks like next week I should be able to switch to the new SSD that is arriving later this week.

: SquirrelJME is currently on hold due to SSD failure! ETA Unknown. I have backups naturally but still a major pain to recover!

: A new service has been added at t.co/SKAEiVavfv which is where I will be placing updates. They will be posted accordingly on Twitter!

: I spent some of yesterday and some of today splitting apart RatufaCoat and refactoring it. This is just an initial process that I am taking for refactoring, since it is easier to cleanup smaller pieces than big ones. But the end result is much more organization. t.co/GSWB4yERiD

: I updated @intellijidea and @clion_ide to 2020.3 and CLion has CTest support which is rather nice! Although IntelliJ seems a bit broken right now. t.co/UWnX0qgw4C

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