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Static Variable Reading.

I have added reading of static variables in the debugger, progress is still continuing adding little things here and there along with polishing.

Line Numbers when Debugging.

Line numbers are now available and debugging will point to where code has stopped when the program has been suspended.


SpringCoat Debugging in IntelliJ.

This is what the initial debugging looks like in IntelliJ, currently not much details are given and only suspend/resume is supported at this time.


Initial SpringCoat JDWP Support.

Decided to take a break and work on adding JDWP Debugging Support to SpringCoat, which is able to suspend and list threads through JDB!

Testing Handle Allocation.

A small test of memory handle allocation, this one test allocates about 524K of them at a good speed.

RatufaCoat Test Results.

I wrote a small conversion utility to convert CTest results to another "standard" XML format (aka JUnit XML).

: A new service has been added at which is where I will be placing updates. They will be posted accordingly on Twitter!

This is Another Test.

This is another test, please disregard!


: I spent some of yesterday and some of today splitting apart RatufaCoat and refactoring it. This is just an initial process that I am taking for refactoring, since it is easier to cleanup smaller pieces than big ones. But the end result is much more organization.

: I updated @intellijidea and @clion_ide to 2020.3 and CLion has CTest support which is rather nice! Although IntelliJ seems a bit broken right now.

: I have re-opened up the Reddit Community for SquirrelJME! It has effectively been shut down for about 1-2 years.

: This is another test in production, hopefully this is being disregarded.

: Have been slowly working on SummerCoat again doing some major refactoring, currently it is able to print the starting banner! This time around things are going much better and simpler, I suppose a break was important to have. Will still be continuing this!

: Currently in the middle for the old-SummerCoat and the new-SummerCoat and it looks like this: !

: If you are interested in reading, there is what essentially happened with this project during 2020!

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