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: If you are on Libera Chat, we do have a channel there if you are interested in joining on IRC!

: The project lead position is now officially titled: Lead Squirrel!

: With the new book, i-mode (NTT Docomo) support within SquirrelJME is very viable!

JDWP Support Merged In!

The JDWP Support Branch has been merged in, which means I can debug SpringCoat and soon will be able to do SummerCoat as well!


: This is a small demonstration of stepping around code via JDWP using IntelliJ as a debugger for SquirrelJME, of which debugging support is currently being worked on.

Breakpoints Hitting.

Breakpoints can now be hit when debugging, this will be useful to debug specific and weird portions of code.


: At 13:35 EDT on April 21, 2021 all of the branches for SquirrelJME were deleted by an unknown means through an API key. This affected only GitHub. Keys have been revoked and cycled, and all code/branches have been restored.

: Looks like GitHub deleted all of the branches I have been working on, how unfortunate.

Debugging in IntelliJ.

Debugging is seeing a very good refactor to stabilize and make debugging SquirrelJME much easier than before.

: Looks like next week I should be able to switch to the new SSD that is arriving later this week.

: SquirrelJME is currently on hold due to SSD failure! ETA Unknown. I have backups naturally but still a major pain to recover!

Static Variable Reading.

I have added reading of static variables in the debugger, progress is still continuing adding little things here and there along with polishing.

Line Numbers when Debugging.

Line numbers are now available and debugging will point to where code has stopped when the program has been suspended.


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