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: If you have not already, be sure to checkout the FOSDEM 2022 presentation on SquirrelJME!

Note that this account has existed for a long while, so was already here and existing. I always prefer to have a backup whenever possible when it comes to communities. For example there is IRC (LiberaChat) and Discord which are linked together. Despite the IRC channel being empty, it is always an option available.

Hi! This is the official Mastodon account for SquirrelJME!

SquirrelJME is a Java ME 8 JVM implementation that can also run J2ME software!

Please check out the project!


: Progress has been slow for the past 8 months due to working in the medical field, where random surprises tend to happen that need fixing! Hoping that is over with these days, however the world is unpredictable. Taking things slowly until I get into the groove again.

: After a long pause, I implemented obtaining the launcher details from the internal ROM... so this is a step closer to launching the actual launcher!

: The project is now six years old! Happy birthday to ourself! Thank you for all of your support over the years!

: After multiple months of being stumped on what had caused MeBoy to not work I realized that the software was utilizing the actual screen size of my display rather than the display window size. This is not a SquirrelJME bug, the software uses the API incorrectly.

: Just fixing and implementing some things has caused Sonic Part 2 to go from the left to the right in about three weeks time.

: Thank you all for watching! I will post here when the final video is uploaded and available for re-watching!

: Does anyone have the Sprint Wireless Toolkit (spcs_wtk.exe)?

: Well, I suppose Sonic Got Through Act hÐ'oAe¡TL$ѻ³▒ã9hÑÖT?æùÍÎA▒h»àÆ¢¦o±.

: I figured the previous options for the core were too complicated, so I simplified them a bunch to something that is easier to interpret for general users. This is current WIP work and will be upcoming.

: Worked on RatufaCoat a bunch! Have the ability to access parts of ROMs and will be moving onto refactoring the engine parts of it.

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