"The Pascola leads the pahko or ceremonial fiesta. He is mischievious, a clown-not like circus clowns, he often says insulting or vulgar things, but they are also witty.


"When wearing a mask, the Pascola undergoes a transformation into an animal spirit, connecting people to the Wilderness World, to their ancestors, to spirits, to energy.


"Ju Pahko'ora yo'owe ju'ka pascota bat weria. Jume waate pasko'oram bueremamachimme tepan barijiaka.


"Ama nau yaihlame tuisi a'atua. Wana'i ju pahko'ora juka máhkarapo puhb'bateko a'a jiapsi animalsi au yánake jume nau yaihlame entok batnaataka catriam Juya Ániasi ténasi emou itnénake.



Santiago Benton (Mayo Pascola, Arizona)


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@StevenFan let us aspire to daring acts of tomfoolery (vulgar, witty, foolish) that open portals to the wild world, the untapped, untamable landbase — via these masked avatars carousing & cavorting here in mastodonland, until the gauze between worlds grows thin & the playful generosity inherent in persons of both places, embodied & disembodied, mindful & heedless, unite in rituals both reverent & irreverent that spill billowing into the realpolitik everyday.

@StevenFan full disclosure of my toot’s genus loci: this place/notion’s location (genii locorum: these places)

@StevenFan tried finding how to say ‘thank you’ in mayo but failed ;)

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