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Hey I go by Sunflower and I figured I should introduce myself! I have been living on the road for the last few years and have just started my adventure. Up until covid I had been working all year on the . I enjoy and of all kind. I love learning about and . Hoping to find community like I have on other platforms! ✨

If capitalism were really the most efficient way of meeting people's needs, we probably wouldn't be having so much trouble producing and distributing enough #COVID19 vaccines.

Of course, we also wouldn't be facing mass evictions—or widespread poverty—or climate catastrophe.

It's impossible for a white person to believe in capitalism and not believe in racism. You can't have capitalism without racism.
-- Malcolm X

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The antifa men in Oakland really had the audacity to leave when protests wouldn’t get lit enough for them - leaving BLACK WOMEN SPEAKERS behind. It’s like antifa men can only stay during protests when riots break out but not when Black women take the mic to speak their truth.

No one should live in Poverty. It's the role of society to help everyone reach the same quality of life.

Food, Shelter, Clean Water and Education for everyone should be the 1st priority and no profits should be allowed for anyone until everyone has this.

we should use words everyone knows to talk about overcoming our oppressors so we don’t create arbitrary barriers within the proletariat

Medusa did nothing wrong. The sirens did nothing wrong. The harpies did nothing wrong. This has been a lady monsters of Greek mythology apologist toot

someone posted this with the hashtag and now it’s not there so I’m resharing it. No clue who to credit for it, so if you know please pass that info on. Also please use that hashtag more! @plants

I was talking with some lichen and was reminded of some things:

The mundane is a blessing
You already perform rituals
Thank you is a prayer
You know some things are true

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