#app 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again. 59 updates and 3 new apps:

* Bibledit – collaborative bible translating
* OpenHub – GitHub client
* Scoop – stack trace catcher (for easy bug reporting)

Soon to come and meanwhile in my repo:

* Virtuosity – organize & track your music excercises

Enjoy your #foss #Android #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

So what #app 🌧️ do we have today? At #fdroid, 46 updates. In my repo, 4 updates and 3 new #Android #apps:

* Legado: an #eBook reader
* osmin: on- and offroad navigation (based on OSM)
* Smart AutoClicker: automation based on what you see on the screen


Time for #app 🌧️ again, 3 new apps at @fdroidorg today:

* Kaku: Practice kanji writing
* To Don't: inverse todo (things to avoid)
* Virtuosity: Organize and track your music practice

further, 54 updates: @windvolt has some major news, NewPipe got a new version, @CCTG finally built successfully again and now comes with "QR Code Check-in" (forget that "other app" with its empty promises 😉) and many more.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

#app 🌧️ at @fdroidorg again! 4 new apps:

* Tuner: for your musical devices
* QDict: using dictionaries in StarDict format
* LibreCHovid: the Swiss pendant to @CCTG (libre fork of their official app with the proprietary parts replaced by microG)
* Kotatsu: Manga Reader

On top of this, there were 45 apps updated – including KeePassDX, Podverse, SelfPrivacy, AndStatus, CCTG and many, many more.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Megapixels v1.0.1 has now released!

And we got it on #ArchLinuxARM for @PINE64 #PinePhone / #PineTab. Your turn, @ManjaroARM . :)

Nextcloud Notes is a self-hosted app you can enable on your Nextcloud instance and download on your mobile to store and manage notes 📝

Find out more about the features 🚀 and the future of the apps revealed by their developers in this interview!


@Takuya where did you check? My repo browser shows them fine, the Android client should have them as well. Website sometimes takes a little (it's updated asynchronously), which is one reason I've included the repo with my browser 😉

Missed #LVC21 last month? Now available on demand, here is the video of Nicolas Dufresne's talk "Bringing Stateless Video Decoder Support To Linux"! col.la/lvcnd #LinaroConnect #OpenSource #Linux

Quarterly transparency report (Q1/2021):

Bitcoin: 0 €
SEPA: 70 €
Amazon: 64,88 €

Thanks to all donors 💚 server costs are still covered.

Speaking about servers: a dist upgrade is due soon, so there might be a short "outage" one of these days (expected within the next 2 weeks).

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After more than a week's break, finally the heavy 🌧️ shower arrived at @fdroidorg with 10 new and 132 (!!) updated apps! Newcomers include:

* TuxGuitar (multitrack tablature editor and player)
* Helio (Music sequencer)
* Podverse (podcast app)
* Stingle Photos (E2E encrypted cloud gallery app)
* Wormhole (send/receive files via magic wormhole)

Updates include Catima, Gadgetbridge, MediLog, deedum, NewPipe, and many more.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps at #fdroid :awesome:

As the last deployment at #fdroid somehow got stuck, let me substitute with last weeks new additions to my repo:

* just arrived: Styx, a light-weight web browser with integrated ad blocker, global dark mode and more
* BusyBox Installer (needs root)
* Habits: track/train your habits
* To don't: inverse to do (track bad habits to get rid of them)
* Stealth: account-less client for Reddit

and more #foss #android #apps at apt.izzysoft.de/fdroid – enjoy!

This Week in KDE - Hamburgers! Check out the tasty new component that will make all your app options easier to find:


Find out more about the logic behind the KHambugerMenu and why it will help in your own apps:


7+44 fresh #apps just arrived at @fdroidorg – like

* Can I Drive: how long to wait after consuming alcohol?
* Luftlinie: navigation for birds (which direction & how far?)
* Permission Manager X: extended permission manager


* Watomatic now also let's you say Goodbye to FB Messenger

What did you say? No F-Droid app? Take your pick: android.izzysoft.de/applists/c

And then: Enjoy your #Android #foss apps from #fdroid and its repos: android.izzysoft.de/articles/n

Today's weather: 🌧️ 13 new & 74 updated at @fdroidorg, e.g.

* DroidFS: encrypted file storage using gocrypt (compatible w/ Linux)
* Pie Launcher: a different app drawer, pie menu for your favorites
* RoadEagle: traffic infos for Poland, Lithuania and Latvia
* SelfPrivacy: easily get started self-hosting your website
* windvolt: know when to start charging your devices climate friendly

and many more. Enjoy your #android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

Today's app-rain at @fdroidorg: 8 new and 63 updated. New are e.g.

* APK Explorer & Editor (incl. Split APK/App bundle Installer)
* Badreads: book tracking & OpenLibrary look-up
* Hrm: Bluetooth heart-rate monitor
* Magisk
* Nextcloud Cookbook (another one)
* Workout Time!: manage/perform timed workouts

As usual: enjoy your #Android #foss #apps from #fdroid :awesome:

¿es #vimiércoles ? Pues toca un nuevo #vimtips

Analiza el punto débil del arranque de tu editor #Vim


¿Abre lento tu editor Vim? Veamos cómo poder identificar qué parte es la que ralentiza ese arranque

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