After more than a week's break, finally the heavy 🌧️ shower arrived at @fdroidorg with 10 new and 132 (!!) updated apps! Newcomers include:

* TuxGuitar (multitrack tablature editor and player)
* Helio (Music sequencer)
* Podverse (podcast app)
* Stingle Photos (E2E encrypted cloud gallery app)
* Wormhole (send/receive files via magic wormhole)

Updates include Catima, Gadgetbridge, MediLog, deedum, NewPipe, and many more.

Enjoy your #Android #foss #apps at #fdroid :awesome:

@IzzyOnDroid @fdroidorg Hmmm, I don't see the server data updated yet. I'm not sure if it's on deploy process or what. I can't wait to enjoy Telegram FOSS 7.6.0 😀.
Thank you very much and bests ^^.

@Takuya where did you check? My repo browser shows them fine, the Android client should have them as well. Website sometimes takes a little (it's updated asynchronously), which is one reason I've included the repo with my browser 😉


@IzzyOnDroid I only use the web, I used to use the client, originally F-Droid official client, later Aurora Droid, but after a few time, I uninstalled it and I just use the website, to download the 2-3 apps I download from F-Droid repos, (the rest I download them from the official repos). I assume (and hope) Telegram FOSS is updated as well :).
As always, bests ^^.

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