Installed and started using @Tusky ...first impressions are amazing. I can sign into @Mastodon and @pixelfed accounts in the same app and switch between the two at will. Loved it!

Right now I can't completely migrate to Fediverse and similarly to open source programs. This is a transition zone. And that's why I am finding it really comfortable to use an operating system like Qubes which lets me isolate both these worlds using one single computer!

@e88 Dont want to mess up with my main windows setup for office work. Need Linux for temporary casual browsing. Wont be running much apps/programs.

Which is a good Linux diastro to run from USB? It should have persistence and reliable WiFi connectivity?

@session hey I just noticed that on the iPad the session app is fixed in portrait orientation. And it becomes difficult to use with the keyboard like this. Is this a bug or some problem on my side?

Installed inside a Qubes HVM. Installing and setting up networking was fun. Will do some casual gaming here.

Have you noticed that you can't see the numbers on the boosts and favourites from the timeline, only after you click on a post? This is another great feature, not a bug. This works against the gamification you see in corporate social media sites. Preventing the economy of likes and retweets that drives behaviours elsewhere. I personally love this.

Infinite Macintosh - an in-browser vintage Macintosh emulator with transferable local files support.

MacOS 8:
System 7:

it seems like the real problem is opaque algorithms written to control and manipulate us for profit, rather than algorithms as such, and I think DIY algorithms would be a *major* way we could compete with corporate platforms -- they will never let you do this because their algorithm is the core of their business, but on fedi with like 20 lines of python you can make it do whatever you want, that's freedom baby!

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As I started exploring the fediverse from a linux machine, I missed my music. I had organised it all inside apple music. Then I came across Cider is an open source Apple Music client. Works amazingly well. And it's available in appimage format. I had never imagined that I would be listening to my Apple music playlists on a Linux laptop!

We all fall pray for 'features' that are marketed about a particular device. We don't imagine the usefulness of that feature in our day to day life. In the end we end up buying a device more than what our requirement is. Best way is to imagine for a few days how the planned device will be used by you, what features will really make a difference in your work flow. And after spending some time imagining these things, a decision to purchase should be taken. Saves a lot of unnecessary spending.

Good morning!

Started the day by blocking three very gross (racism, transphobia, homophobia, alt-right 4chan type stuff) instances from federating with .art, and sharing the instances with other networks to also ban.

This is how your instance admins keep the fediverse safe, and ends up with places like that screaming into their own little voids.

Yet another way the fediverse is better than corporate-owned social media :D

Have a lovely, gentle day, all! :artpaw:

When you plan to install an open source operating system either on your phone/PC/tablet, its rather a good idea to buy an older hardware, say a model 1-2 years older than the latest generation. The advantages are that you get these devices cheaper and most of the bugs are resolved for these devices. The operating systems are tried and tested by many in 1-2 years and so run robustly.

@wallbrownf ya...and actually it was not very difficult to set it up. From the outside these things appear complex but when I actually did it, it was quite smooth.

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