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Heya! My name is Daniel, I'm kind of terrible at introductions but I make music and write on occasion. This is my latest EP if you want to check it out ❤️

Art by the talented Insectsio!


AI art, metallic opalescent sphere thing in ocean 

I don't know what this is but it came out really nice XD

"an iridescent opalescent blob on the bottom of the ocean floor, photorealistic, DLSR, octane render, 8k, cinematic lighting"


Photographer Eric Brummel stabilized his camera to capture earth's rotation

pretty stoked about my first attempt at character modeling :) we'll see how this goes... #wip

A new #collage #poem, this one constructed entirely from a workbook of exercises/practice tests for an intro to econ course I took in college.

... A place to share and discover art with a chronological timeline and no algorithms? Glorious!

So. Hello Mastodon, I am Jackal. To open my account here is a pen drawing from August 2020, Beacon.

#TraditionalArt #penandink #anthro #surreal

night time "mamut" #music session in #bitwig. the #moog m-32 leads always get me in the mood :polifeels:

In the background you can still hear the remains of my youtube tutorial draft about slow machine & halftime from today. #musicproduction

I tried something different. I tried granular synthesis using , recorded it in and this is what it sounds like.

My favorite thing about Mastodon right now is the ability to upload
straight audio files, with the added bonus of an auto generated visualizer! Huge points in my book

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