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Maa Durga and Lord Ganesha have been installed, and are now enjoying a snack. ❤️😁🕉️🙏

#spirituality #hinduism 

"Hanuman exists to destroy the obstacles to our realizing the same oneness he experiences with Ram. Even when difficulties happen in our lives, he never abandons us, but rather gives us the strength to live through them without our hearts being destroyed."
- Krishna Das, from his book "Flow of Grace"

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The beginnings of my mandir. 😁🙏🕉️

Yesterday, I started speed packing at 5 am. Movers showed up at 10. We were finished at 12:50 pm.

Oh, and hiring the movers was worth every penny. I'm too old for this shit.

Signed the lease and picked up the keys for the new flat today 😁

#Spirituality #hinduism 

Once I have moved house this coming weekend, and have a space of my own, I'll feel like I can finally set up a proper mandir/altar/worship area. I want to create a space of peace, where I can recharge my spoons, and give the Divine their due.
I'm leaning toward this murti of Maa Durga to be the central deity. Isn't she beautiful? 😀 ❤️ 🙏 🕉️

The dark fantasy series I REALLY want to see adapted to a streaming mini-series...

I ALMOST have this folding table cleaned off and ready to be stored. makes stuff like this a challenge. I need more coffee! ☕

Good night, one and all.


Before I go, something I know ALL of you want to see: A pic of my junk.


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