What app do you nice folksies prefer for note-taking and such?

When I moved into the new place, I found they didn't clean the window blinds. Any of them.
Because I'm , cleaning all three sets of blinds isn't exactly realistic, as I run out of dopamine in the middle of one set.

Last night, I set a reminder gor today to clean my bedroom blinds today. Tomorrow will be the kitchen, and Monday will be the living room.

I just finished up the bedroom set, and I'm feeling fairly proud of myself.

One task at a time, That's how we win at adulting.

One of the upsides of is my creativity. One of my "talents" is coming up with names for fictional characters. I don't know how, or why it works, but a name will just drop out of the sky, and into my lap. I play around with pronunciation and spelling, and I can derive a basic background. This came in real handy during my GMing days. Players would show me their character sheet, and I'd come up with a name for them.

Today has FLOWN by, as far as work is concerned. I'll be happier on the other side of it.

Being , I tend to use reminder/to-do list apps. Any of my neurodivergant peeps out there have a particular favorite?

Said apps are helping me get my shit together for the move. The move. Geez. That's next weekend. PANIC!!!

I ALMOST have this folding table cleaned off and ready to be stored. makes stuff like this a challenge. I need more coffee! ☕

I suppose an is in order.

Just call me Dane. I'm just some guy trying to make his way in the world without becoming a total cunt. Read my bio, follow if you like, and stay for the fun, frivolity, and frippery.

I have , and am unmedicated. Get ready for the random.

I'm an immigrant from as well. Welcome to all my fellow travelers!


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