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@The_Quantum_Alpha All of your work is very "pretty", there is a distinct style.

I like to create animations that cannot be seen by machines and can only be perceived by human minds when constructed in a virtual space by the visual cortex.

Can you see what is in this video, or are you a machine (or a person with one eye). πŸ˜‰

@lonely I designed these earbuds!

These are the Quantum Buds!!

Dual speakers system, one for the highs, one for the lows, to have a super crisp sound!!

I think its a shame to humanity that they sell earphones at the dollar store for like 99 canadian cents...

Like you can only hear a single frequency, no high, now lows ? πŸ˜†

I mean, that's the kind of thing i can draw on paper...

(Illustrations for a book i wrote...)

My timeline : bunch of quantum physics stuffs, then there's Novi and her thinkpad journey blog adventure

I seriously dislike swear and curse words…

Seeing them makes me cringe 😩

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