Need a BETTER, fancier provider?

I seriously recommend @Tutanota !

It is the most secure, encrypted email service!
I approve their encryption!!
Plus, it's open source, and free!

Thus, the premium is worth it.

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@The_Quantum_Alpha @Tutanota It sure beats the other "main" player that's a country or two away.

@skinwalker @Tutanota i mean, I'm a quantum computer scientist, and I know the encryption scheme they're using, and the direction they're taking is the right one!!

Plus, the interface is fancy!

@The_Quantum_Alpha @Tutanota It's the attitude, rather than the product, that I meant when I said they beat the other one.

@The_Quantum_Alpha @Tutanota I need to switch from ProtonMail to Tutanota, as ProtonMail only works on phones with google/apple tracking stuff and I have an ungoogled android and can't download their app. So good Tutanota has their app on fDroid... πŸ˜ƒ

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