can't believe we all survived when day breaks at the beginning of this month, people are so fuckin strong pog

Imagine scientists. Now imagine they're lesbians. Imagine how fast our collective knowledge would expand

If you suffer from brain fog, fuzzy thinking, executive dysfunction, and if you are tired of hearing the same unhelpful tips from people who don't know what it's like, don't realize how serious it is, only talk about external causes, fatigue, anxiety, meds, or even lack of self-confidence... Please let's connect with each other, share tips and support

I have to do something about myself and I'd very much like my own journey to be helpful to others along the way
Let's stop reinventing the wheel

what on earth is causing all the foot talk today? i've been browsing public and i only see the people calling out its causers but none of the origin itself. weird

We do not live in a society

You live in a society

I live in floating castle overlooking the layers of hell sipping mountain dew flanked by my all woman royal guard

stop reacting to this with feet you bastards

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boost if you like feet, or think that materialist marxism is the ideal basis for an economic system

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