Wild with another win! 4-1 in St. Paul tonight against the Sharks. 4-1-0 in the season. Off to a solid start. Hockey is a great break from worrying about COVID and politics.

Kirill Kaprizov is such an exciting player to watch. This woulda been goal of the year.

'I was duped by Trump!' QAnon Shaman 'regrets' participating in Capitol riot as his lawyer says ex-president's failure to issue a pardon was a 'betrayal' by the man who 'led him down the primrose path'

The final hour of Trump's presidency! Here's to the future.

Wild come back again from 1-3 down in the final period to win 4-3 after overtime! Unbelievable.

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I guess that's why they call it a piece of cake?? lol
Was about time we say.....
Still plenty of double-standards on that platform but hey: nothing is fair in love and war....
Take your pick!

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