I WILL say there’s less drama here.


Let’s start some drama 😂

I keep seeing the icon on my phone and thinking “WTH is Mastodon?” so this is going well I think

I’m not sure how popular this place is, no Russian women have approached me about crypto yet 😔

I feel like somebody is incredibly popular here but not on Twitter and they ain’t never going back

Still too low level to have someone make an imposter acct. Life is good.

How many Mastadon band jokes do you think we’re up to in the last couple of days? One million?

I have spelled this app “Mastadon” for at least four days straight and I am basically my Dad

If I’m not following you already… it bc I don’t know how 😂

So who selling feet pics 👀

Wait, wait.

Which app am I logged into rn 😳

I have never felt older than trying to understand this platform 😂


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