Kinda strange (straight-line) crash of a truck at the 2021 Baja 1000. Running out of road or driving talent…. Thanks to the internet we do not lose such moments…..

Jimco is proud to announce the launch of the new “Dragon” 4 Wheel drive Trophy Truck platform. An evolution of the Gen 3 Jimco “Maximus”, the “Dragon” moves to utilize the benefits of the extreme acceleration and grip that the 4 wheel drive platform is known for.
A massive Dougans Custom 555ci Big Block 8 Stack V8 Engine Package pushes out 1050 hp with 850 ft-lbs of torque.

Enjoy this highlight video racingspec trophy truck from Vegas to Reno. Did not get the finish that was wanted but they finished nonetheless.

TSCO build this TT that Toby Price will be racing at the Tatts Finke Desert Race in Australia an multi terrain two-day race for bikes, cars, buggies and quads through desert country from Alice Springs to the small Aputula (Finke) community.
The 229 km each way track is divided into 5 sections Start/Finish Line to Deep Well (61 km)
Deep Well to Rodinga (31 km)
Rodinga to Bundooma (43 km)
Bundooma to Mt Squires (45 km)
Mt Squires to Finke (49 km)

Yesterdays victory had Matt Ciccone, Larry Roeseler, Luke McMillin and Jason Duncan celebrate a winning Baja 1000 performance.
Saturday’s performance marked Luke McMillin’s first Baja 1000 overall victory, expanding a family legacy in the sport that includes a total of five such titles for his father, Mark.

1x bike just finished. 20 hours, 50 minutes, 29 seconds.
In Jax/Apdaly out with lower arm bolt failure /shredded arm.
At racemile 795 (all times PST)
83 (Luke McMillin) 2:49am
10 (Alan Ampuia) 2:51am
11 (Rob MacCachren) 2:58am

The biggest crash of the weekend belonged to former series champion Jason Voss wo suffered a broken arm among other injuries in the rollover, but was reported by the team to be awake and in good spirits, while co-driver Don Powers suffered broken ribs as well as other minor injuries.
Check out the video of crash here >>>>>

For a moment we got the feeling yesterday at Eastlake / San Diego!😜 SOmebody (in that case Bulldog Towing) sure likes their truck look similar to a RallyRaid racetruck

Robby Gordon finally debuted his much anticipated “Unicorn” but broke a driveline yoke in the first 50 miles putting him way back in the pack. Helicopter footage of Robby Gordon Trophy Truck (Trick Truck) from 2020 Vegas To Reno.

15 minutes after the first cybertruck arrives in Texas..... :)

Hi, we are all new here - tired of the BS Twitter serves up to loyal users while the crooks seem to do as they wish on that platform. Seems like @Jack is just as full of doo-doo as all the other tech CEO's


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