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Temen-temen ada yang mau followan sama aku gak di blue bird??? :blobcatcoffee:

Splendid day, I’m looking for more friends to talk. Pstt I’m the selective follow one.

@xuanyi Hi phi mm sorry for this sudden toot, but can I get a follow from you?

Good afternoon everyone... so who still here?? Let’s talk, I welcome to everyone. ✨

( I’m confused about this platform, someone talk about mastodon bad side... )

Splendid day sweet–lings, don’t forget to follow !! @THAIRPE !! 🤍🤍

Hi.. Good morning everyone! This is Tu speaking, in this sunny morning I’m looking for more new friends if you see this toot please unflop me.. 🥺 anyway I’m speak bahasa for my daily basis, but if you use another language no need to worry we still can be friends! ☀✨ Come come who want be my guest?

★: Why does tusky not pop up a notification, it’s so hard 🥺 does anyone know how to turn on the notification?

It’s 3AM!! x__x let’s go sleep, and talk about more topic again later. Your health is priority... don’t get sick because you sleep late! Sleep properly and have a nice dream everyone, meet again with Tutu on dreamdland. 🚀 Good night! 😴

Birming harus pindah kesinilah biar event gak was-was lagi

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