Obligatory daily results.

Wordle 303 4/6


We took our son to the McWayne Center in Birmingham today. He loved the interactive exhibits, and I loved the aquariums.


@astrotoot I haven't played Cyberpunk in about three months. I'm thinking about another playthrough just to see what's changed.


I am new. The Elon Musk involvement in Twitter stuff is why I decided to look at micro blog alternatives. I am still trying to figure everything out here, but I came across this example of your artwork and wanted to mention how lovely it is.

@c_discussions I have been a developer for almost a decade now, and I still occasionally deal with self doubt. I think that's just a part of being human.

@DarthChillash I really hope that was not a surprise for you. Otherwise, time to start cancelling some financial transactions!

With the recent news about Elon Musk's interest in Twitter, I feel the need to start distancing myself.


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