Patients shouldn't have to be tactical about how they present their symptoms to physicians.

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It's been over a decade since I last ran mail servers as a job and I outsourced my personal mail to Gmail a long time ago.
It's come time to set up some mail infrastructure for myself and some non-profit organizations. What is the current state of the art as far as email systems go? Security, anti-spam, and a reasonable webmail frontend are all necessary.

This will probably include a local mastodon instance, and hosting and services for orgs that are trying to make the world a better place.

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The last few weeks have been a world wind of activity and trying to figure out what to do next with my life. This week I attended Cape Town and was reminded of how much I love Internet infrastructure and big servers. Between that and reading about what @kwf has been doing, I'm inspired to get my own AS to use for various public benefit projects in my local community(South Africa). I'll probably pick up a few consulting jobs here and there to cover the bills, but I'm excited.

Did you see the news that all of the instruments are aligned now?

Check out this comparison of one of the newly released calibration images from the MIRI instrument compared to images taken of the same region of space by the WISE and Spitzer space telescopes! Look at that resolution! So many newly resolved stars and structures! 🤩

I can't wait for all the new discoveries we'll make with JWST! data starts in only a couple months!

(Image from @/AndrasGasper on birdapp)

My partner and I are also talking about starting a nonprofit to provide technical services to marginalized communities.

Some values we see the org having are:

This would likely provide hosting, automation, technical assistance and training at first, and possibly branch out into providing video production and streaming services later. / 4

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I still want to get into 3d printing, milling and laser cutting, VR, and building a simpit for playing space games.
It's looking like I might get the opportunity to design a / for my family in the next few years which I'm thrilled about. /3

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With the help of my partner, I did a 6 month course in content creation and fell in love with all things .
I recorded local plays and events. Not long after I became bed bound due to .
I describe myself as having too many expensive hobbies. I love , , building my own computers, , , , communication, , , , , , , /2

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Maybe it's time for a proper intro.
Howdy folks, I'm Una, your friendly from the Internet. I am a woman, born and living in . Originally from Durban, now in .
I am /pan, , and
I spent 20 years in the IT industry as a doing some stuff and eventually ending up doing at a large provider. Between the stress and my rising illness( ) I was ready to jump off the building. /1

Whereas Mastodon is a social media / microblogging platform, there are other federated sites that offer different uses.

#PeerTube: like YouTube, an open source replacement for video hosting
#FunkWhale: Like SoundCloud, for music
#Bookwyrm: Like Goodreads
#Pixelfed: like Instagram, offers image galleries

All of these, including Masto, can talk to each other - so you can create an account on a Bookwyrm instance to keep track of your reading, and people on Masto can follow it! 🤯

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"To help some of the newcomers make connections: name 5-7 things that interest you but aren't in your profile, as tags so they are searchable. Then boost this post or repeat its instructions so others know to do the same.”

(I have , and but I'm interested in disabilities I don't have myself as well)

For the last 2 years I have been mostly bed bound and at least house bound due to severe /CFS, a condition that I've had for at least 20 years but undiagnosed until the last 2. 3 weeks ago I started a new treatment (LDN) and I've been back to energy levels of at least 7 years ago, maybe more. I've gone from being between 30% of normal on an average day and 50% on a good day to 95-100% every day.

Just a Cyborg Punk from the internet, recovering from ME/CFS and other forms of capitalist, cis, hetero, mono, patriarchal, trauma.


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