Many people haven't made this connection:
14 billion or so years ago (if everything started then), everything that makes up the physical YOU was there. Even after your life ends, those things will still persist. This is what I believe became the concept of "eternal life."
Who needs religion when that very transformation itself should be impressive and deserving of respect enough?

FAUX NEWS Tucker Carlson actually endorses if it's not a complete nutjob's creation.

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I’ve been on Mastodon and SSB for a few days now. The internet is fun again. This is what it felt like before we allowed big tech to take over.

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Two of the most important lessons I have learned in my life have been how to both forgive others and in turn forgive yourself.

We all have skeletons in our closets we are ashamed of. Often times that guilt eats away at us. Learn to forgive and love yourself.

Life is not just happening to you, its happening for you.

I remember the day it happened, and it really is when everyone went astray; The day the boys and girls were told they had to separate at recess.

Switching to Mastodon from FB has taught me two things:
There are always interesting people still to meet
Social media contribution is elective.
I've broken the bubble/urge to post and "share" everything and anything.

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Space station detectors found the source of weird ‘blue jet’ lightning. Blue jets zip upward from thunderclouds into the stratosphere, reaching altitudes up to about 50 kilometers in less than a second. Blue jets excite mostly stratospheric nitrogen to create their signature blue hue. The spark that generated the blue jet may have been a special kind of short-range electric discharge inside the thundercloud.

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