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it's really funny how i went from being a hardline "sony vegas only" video editor to just being like "fuck it kdenlive" because i looked up a list of good KDE apps and saw kdenlive in there

a long time ago i mentally wrote off FOSS video editors for... some reason

i'd just heard they weren't very good i guess

or someone told me it wasn't really possible to do video editing on linux

or... something

but, yeah! it totes is possible!

How dumb is Steve Bannon?
Claiming "the DOJ is trying to prevent him from publicly disclosing or discussing documents that are already part of the public record" dumb.

"Tight Spot" was totally fine.
As a matter of fact, Ginger Rogers was perfect as a person past their prime finding redemption is an unlikely fashion

Six new smash-and-grab retail robberies reported in Fairfax District, Beverly Grove and Hancock Park areas Friday night alone.
Earlier smash-and-grab was of a Home Depot where approx 500 sledgehammers and other tools were taken.

LAPD issues tactical alert after another high-end mash and grab robbery.

Anyone else getting the urge to watch "12 Monkeys" again? 🍿😕

Maybe because time is a THING we pass through, not an action; and our perspective of it is severely limited/distorted....🤔?

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