Just a reminder:
Any person who equivocates anti-COVID measures with the Holocaust is not only stupid -- they're nazis in disguise.
I'm the grandson, and son of Holocaust survivors.Fuck that noise.

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- 199 children died from flu in 2019-2020, which was a record.

- 608 kids under 12 died in car accidents in 2019.

- Nearly 700 children have died from covid in the past year.  (That's what the CDC says; latest number I can find is 645, first week of October.)

- Kids are now 25% of new covid cases. They are driving infections in the community (which includes people who are more likely to die.)

Those 600+ kids who died in car wrecks? That's why we have rules now about car seats and seatbelts. 38% of those kids were not buckled up. Negligence on the part of their parents, who had a well known, easily accessible way to protect their kids and chose not to do it. You have to pay for a car seat, though. The covid vaccine is free. 



I trust the president of the American Academy of Pediatrics over TV talk show hosts.

Opinion | Yes, You’ll Want to Vaccinate Your Kids Against Covid. An Expert Explains Why:

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Thought this was well-established, but apparently some completely empty people #OnHere missed a memo. Or a class. Or all of high school. Or every history book.

Vaccine and mask mandates are not like the Holocaust, or how it started | Malin:

They don't require electricity like a stoplight.
They make better drivers.
They'd make street racing pointless.
I ❤️ them.

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