@stux I have noticed that when I go to use emoji the only ones that are available are cat ones. I am not sure why that is; the phone I am using or a setting or whether its a combination or instance software and my phone. I talked with a few people on there and one other person has the same challenge. There is a screenshot he took of what he sees. I tried scrolling every direction, these are the only ones available. Any ideas?

Off to bed, now where did I leave my fairy dust.

For some reason when I go to add an emoji the only ones that are available are one of cats. Has anyone has this challenge?

Haven't been around there much, thought I would come and check it out again.

Can I sign into my account both on an iPad and my phone at the same time?

@Gargron maybe it's the app I am using or that I have an old iPad and the two aren't working well together. 🤔 any suggestions?

Positive news from the web,
"Chris Peterson and Lt. Gov. Spencer Cox, the Democratic and Republican candidates for Utah's next governor, join TODAY live to talk about teaming for a joint ad to spread a positive message in a country that’s so divided. “People are hungry for decency,” Cox said. “I’m certainly hopeful that means there are better things to come in politics.”

Although when people are all over the world you never know when they have left the room and your talking to yourself. 🤔

@stux it's interesting talking with people all around the world, some wakeing up and some going to bed

@Gargron isn't there more to being German then being born there?

Happy news from the web,
"A treaty that bans the use, manufacturing, sale, and maintenance of nuclear weapons has just received the 50th ratification needed to make nuclear weapons for the affirming nations illegal under international law for the first time in history."

@normandc @tewha @soundandfury LOL, well just be sure to thank him 🙏 once and a while for letting you live in his presents. 🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱

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