I'm planning on starting a weekly email-based newsletter for V0LT. It's going to be pretty experimental, but I'd love a way to talk directly to people interested in V0LT, FOSS, and technology in general! I plan on using it for sharing things that I'm working on, things I've found interesting in the tech industry, and interesting ideas that I think are worth sharing!

If you'd like to be a part of the initial group, just shoot me an email at cvieira@v0lttech.com and let me know!

I've been a little burnt out from creating V0LT content, so I've instead been spending a lot of time lately improving OpenStreetMaps in my area. If you're as bored as I was and want to do something productive, it's a great feeling being able to improve the accessibility of your neighborhood on a privacy respecting platform.

Check it out!

I'm considering doing a long-form AMA for V0LT to try something new. I'm looking for I'm depth questions related to free software, digital ethics, or anything else remotely related to V0LT. As the acronym 'AMA' suggests, anything goes!

This is mainly to gather article ideas that people find interesting, but I'm considering potentially answering some questions in an informal video format to try new things.

Ask away!

Introducing Arachnid: A free and open source website analysis tool. Arachnid helps web developers find broken links, mis-configured permissions, and accessibility issues with their websites, all at absolutely no charge while ensuring their privacy.

Check it out at v0lttech.com/arachnid.php

The first pre-release of Marathon has been published on the V0LT website. Marathon is an employee management tool that uses cryptography to be as transparent and trustless as possible for employees, managers, and business owners.

Give it a test run at v0lttech.com/marathon.php

Introducing Bubble: a free, open source, self hosted store that accepts BitcoinCash. Check it out at v0lttech.com/bubble.php and give it a try!

The V0LT server is currently down due to a power outage. Expect services to resume within a few hours.

I've finished working on 'Feather', a completely open source and privacy respecting mood tracker! Its compatible with HealthBox, and I'm really happy with how seamlessly they mesh. Check it out at v0lttech.com/feather.php

Breathe is now compatible with HealthBox! Check out Breathe v2.0 at v0lttech.com/breathe.php

I've just finished the first HealthBox compatible program! Its called Pace, and makes it easy to record your daily steps. It also serves as a template for developers looking to add HealthBox support to their software. Check it out at v0lttech.com/pace.php

I've been working on "lyric by lyric" videos of songs, where the lyrics are shown one at a time on screen. This is Paid My Dues, by NF: v0lttech.com/files/videos/lyri

You can watch it in full, 1440p@120FPS quality, and several other songs at v0lttech.com/lyricbylyric.php

Despite the fact that Unity embeds trackers in all programs compiled with it's software, there's been a lot of interest in seeing the source code in retired, legacy V0LT Unity games. I've begun the process of upload the source code to these programs on the V0LT site. While it doesn't make much of a difference in terms of privacy, Unity users still might be interested in seeing how they work!

So far, Ball Run and iPhysics Sandbox have been open sourced, but expect more coming soon!

Introducing Moment, a simple, FOSS, cloud based sobriety tracker that protects your privacy! Check out the official instance at v0lttech.com/moment/ after signing into your V0LT account. You can also self host it yourself!

Using self hosted Plausible Analytics has made it infinitely easier to promote V0LT in a privacy respecting way. If you're looking for a way to track the success of your FOSS project, I can highly recommend them @plausible

I'm considering remaking iPhysics Sandbox in Godot, so it can be released as free and open source software. What are some features from the original iPhysics Sandbox game that you'd like to see in the new one? What about some features you'd like to see in general for a 3D physics sandbox game?

The V0LT analytics system has been completely overhauled! The V0LT now runs V0LT Analytics alongside Plausible Analytics in order to create the most accurate information possible. While Plausible Analytics is developed by a third party, it's completely open source and hosted entirely on the V0LT server, which means theres no cross-site requests or cookies of any kind!

Looking for an easy way to share all of your social media links with your audience? Most people use Linktree, but for those who want a secure, ad free experience for their viewers and themselves, Home Base is the privacy respecting alternative. You can check it out and use if forever at no cost at v0lttech.com/homebase/index.ph

V0LT Photography is finally live! View, download, and use royalty free, CC-BY-SA licensed, high resolution images at v0lttech.com/photography.php

You can read it at v0lttech.com/files/documents/articles/WorkstationBuild.pdf

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