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After 6 months, I’ve finally finished the process of building a new V0LT workstation. I plan to release a specs sheet at some point in the near future on

Version 1.0 of SGen Libre has been released! It contains all of the base features, including string analysis tools and, of course, the ability to generate customizable passwords.

Check it out at

I've re branded SGen Desktop Linux to SGen Libre to clear up confusion. I've also added the first of the built in analysis tools! If you want to check it out, you can run it without even having to save it to your machine by running this command on a GNU/Linux computer:

curl | python3

I broke down how much V0LT costs to run, and how much is earned from donations. It’s all just estimates, but you can view the chart here if you’d like to see what goes into keeping V0LT alive!

I also listed some of the projects V0LT depends on for people who want to support V0LT indirectly.

I've started working on a version of SGen Desktop for Linux. It's a simple tool to generate massive random strings extremely quickly:

I finished making a simple project sign up sheet I call ProjectForm. It's for use in a class I'm taking, but I released it as open source so it can be adapted for use by anyone. You can learn more at

In my tech class, students can sign up for voluntary projects, but the sign up sheet is either through Google Docs or Microsoft Word. I’m working on my own sign up sheet webpage, and I plan to release it as open source on V0LT so it can be adapted by others for their needs!

I've made a lot of progress towards a new system to work on V0LT content. After months of being mostly dormant, I hope to return to producing content within the next few weeks!

I've finished moving V0LT's pledging from Patreon to LiberaPay. I wasn't a fan of Patreon's extensive use of Google and Facebook services, and I feel a lot more comfortable using LiberaPay instead.

I’m working on a new concept called HealthBox. Think of it like HealthKit, but open source, modular, and cross platform. I’m trying to make a centralized place for programs to store and access health information.

There’s now an official Matrix chat room for V0LT! Feel free to hop in if you have any suggestions, questions, or ideas related to V0LT:

I've decided to create an offical V0LT account to post V0LT related information, instead of using my personal account,


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