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I'm rebuilding social networks around here, and will follow you back (as long as you're not a bot).

I'll esp follow you back if we disagree on anything, to any degree. Echo-chambers are for the weak-willed, the weak-minded and those moving toward intellectual dementia, and we don't want that.

Well, maybe Jack, Zuck and the usual rank-and-file suspects want that


See my activity on to see if it's worth connecting. Or a bit of tension might be good for us both

The name of the Berlin Wall was the Anti-Fascist Protection Rampart.

I went 37 years on this Earth not knowing this.

Is this real life? It's no way this is real. Is it?

Has this whole thing just been a test to see how stupid we are???

In 2019 Fauci pocketed a cool $417,608 (federal salaries for 2020 are not yet available).


And honestly, it kind of casts an uglier hue on some of Fauci's self-congratulatory remarks of the past. Like when Matthew McConaughey interviewed him last August and he asked Fauci if he had millions of dollars invested in the vaccines. Here's how Fauci responded, "Matthew, no, I got zero! I am a government worker. I have a government salary."

Mike Pence made half that.

Great stuff by @MorlockP (TWTR)

"You complain to me, "but half of my countrymen are communists".

I say to you "No. You are not a citizen of USG. You are a citizen of a new, secret country that is being given birth right before your eyes...

This country, the one that's being born, this country without a name, is going to be far stronger and far more powerful than the US ever was.

Heck, it already is.

Let me explain what this country is and who the citizens are."

The GOAT!!!

The FIRE in this BASED mad lad!!!! Bernie Sanders can't even hold a CANDLE to ole Granpa RawPaw.

a truly classic moment (this piece is awesome, but the whole episode is amazing if you have the time)

This glider utilizing "dynamic soaring" in a very particular & conducive place in CA, powered solely by wind, aerodynamics, and the incredible skill of its pilot, manages 548 mph, a world record for this method of flight control.

Listen to those sounds!

"State health officials said they rely on a very complex set of measurements that would confuse and potentially mislead the public if they were made public."

Imagine actually believing this nonsense.

"Right now it looks like we might actually be plateauing in the sense of turning around."

How remarkably fucking convenient.

These people are utterly disgusting. I find them utterly, utterly disgusting and despicable.

Balkanization, now, please.

well, the Harris/Biden Administration *has been saying* they want to "bring everyone to heel", sooo...


: Biden intel community “are moving in laser-like fashion to try to uncover as much as they can about” the pro-Trump “insurgency” that harbors “religious extremists, authoritarians, fascists, bigots, racists, nativists, even libertarians”"

Blaming Trump for COVID-19 is the dumbest thing ever.

Wonderful news. Brave browser takes step toward enabling a faster, more secure web, but more importantly, a decentralized web, to perfectly compliment decentralized social media platforms like Mastodon.

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