Wonderful news. Brave browser takes step toward enabling a faster, more secure web, but more importantly, a decentralized web, to perfectly compliment decentralized social media platforms like Mastodon.


Good read. I've been using Brave for awhile now. Very curious about , how it works and it's security.

Agreed. I've been enjoying the switch from Chrome over to Edge, but this makes me more curious about Brave.

I was initially more into looking at Dissenter, a fork of Brave but with some features I like and others I didn't like from Brave left out, but apparently the development and updating/security may not be as competent. Brave gets updated all the time, Dissenter wasn't for a while now


Yes, my favorite feature is the ability to comment on any and every URL with any others using Dissenter, regardless of if that page's comments are locked/restricted/blocked in any way.

Very anti-censorship, regardless of the kind of restriction (private/individual/corp or public/govt/state/fed)

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