Sending out a package full of 2000s Columbus HC bands to someone today and I took the time to marvel at the ridiculous layout of the KILLED IN ACTION LP. Are you on this photo? I am not. I think I was either at work or out of town. I’m sure the Awakening playing in a basement to 15 people was well worth missing being in the insert 😑. Super important Columbus HC band to my history in this town.

Distro addition: KALASHNIKOV 7” (legit reissue) Praise be to Adult-Crash Records that this Danish ripper has received a legitimate reissue from its motherland. Previously hard to come by and requiring a loan officer, here’s your chance to get cultured on this fantastic raw, yet catchy, hardcore punk platter.

In my 15 years of running this record label / distro, I have never made stickers before. Not sure why not. I’ll be throwing these in with orders like a record label is supposed to be doing, I guess? If you’re looking to have stickers done check out, these came out nice and they are super friendly and easy to deal with.

Coming soon: a limited Indonesian release of the two Nukkehammer 7”s on tape by Necros Records and Tarung Records. Thanks for releasing this, it is much appreciated.

Mount Rushmore before sacred Lakota territory was desecrated with their colonizer’s big, fat, stupid faces

Another sign from the universe. This just appeared on my Twitter feed.

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