i simp for Fang any day

that masc sports-bra wearing lance-wielding gay goddess i love her

Today 4 Jul is the US Independence Day, which was declared after the revolution of 1776. But despite rhetoric about men being "equal" and "inalienable rights" slavery continued for nearly a century and the genocide of Native Americans accelerated libcom.org/history/peoples-his

بين حين وآخر أقرأ لمن يكتب عن حياة ما بعد العولمة، أو حياة ما بعد "الحياة الحديثة" وأجد تصورات تعجبني، نعم سنفقد الكثير مما نستخدمه اليوم من تقنيات في المقابل قد نكون على ارتباط أكثر بأنفسنا والناس من حولنا والبيئة كذلك

I finally found the M7 BMx 😍 Belgian’s first motorized steeringpost car… or what is actually is: a giant locomotive with a few seats for geeks

As a Saudi I'm disappointed. It is not like I voted for the current government though.

Relief fallen from the facade of the Temple of Bel showing a Palmyrene God receiving offerings left on an altar

rt if you're a demonic fuck, agent of the satanic transgender agenda, and probably have at least 5 good christian kids in your basement that you regularly torture as well

im the guy who milks the almonds, oats, coconuts, etc. it's challenging work but i get dental

Pwease :pleadingtrans:

I need more people to follow, let me know in the replies below :blobcatdab:

The idea of gender has always been malleable, and not surprisingly was intimately connected with religion and what was considered to be sacred.

Beyond the Gender Binary in Ancient Times, part 1: patreon.com/posts/65261371

Marcos inaugurated Philippines President 

Ferdinand Marcos Jr, son of the dictator, popularly known a BongBong is inaugurated #Philippines president. In his inauguration speech he praised his father. msn.com/en-us/news/world/new-p

Saudi laws 

Saudi Arabia has no constitution except for the Quran being vaguely claimed as the constitution. What this mean in practice, is a lot of sentences are left to the judge’s own discretion ranging from a slap on the wrist to capital punishment. The sentence you get is a matter of luck.

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