ل شرك بن خل بن سكرن بن صبح و طرد هذئب ظل عم من عكد يجلح فـ هـ لت سلم

𐪁 𐪆𐪇𐪋 𐪈𐪌 𐪍𐪁 𐪈𐪌 𐪊𐪋𐪇𐪌 𐪈𐪌 𐪎𐪈𐪂 𐪅 𐪗𐪇𐪕 𐪀𐪙𐪑𐪈 𐪜𐪁 𐪒𐪃 𐪃𐪌 𐪒𐪋𐪕 𐪚𐪔𐪁𐪂 𐪐 𐪀 𐪁𐪉 𐪊𐪁𐪃

By S²rk son of Ḫl son of S¹krn son of Ṣbḥ and he drove away the wolf, which was seeking to copulate, from Mn after it had attacked so, O Lt (Allat) let there be security

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