Stela of Ba'al Samay from Dura-Europos called Zeus in one Greek inscription and Zeus Kyrios in another

Niche with three betyls located north of the High Place of Sacrifice in Petra. Above a step and an altar-like bench the smoothed wall with the niche rises up, framing a tall baetyl and two shorter ones, which stand on a base (mōtab). Some scholars think the moon crescents are a reference to Allat but this is speculative

The Archaeology of Cult of Ancient Israel’s Southern Neighbors and the Midianite-Kenite Hypothesis

> the pre-Israelite roots of Yahwism can be traced back to the tribes living in the arid belt to the south and southeast of Palestine—the Negev, southern Transjordan (ancient Edom), and northern Hejaz (ancient Midian).

Relief fallen from the facade of the Temple of Bel showing a Palmyrene God receiving offerings left on an altar

قلبي هاربٌ إليك من ظلم نفسي
أتاك راغبًا مذعنًا بتقصيره معترفًا
سول لي طول أملي و تسويفي
و ها قد أنقضت أيامي
و شهري يضيع سنتي
أعمالي تقصر عن أن توفي
و أقصر عن أن أوفي بوعودي و نذوري
فليس لي سوى رحمتك و محبتك

يا لاتي تي صلاتي
أتحتاجين تكلفي و تفصحي؟
أتحتاجين انتقائي لكلماتي؟
أم شملت كل شيء رحمتكي
و أقدر أكلمكي كأنك حبيبتي؟
أنتي أقرب لي من كل سواكي
فليش أختار البعد في دعواتي؟

كفاك نوحًا على ما مضى
‏مضى كأنه لم يك سوى
‏حلمٌ حلمناه و لم نحيى

‏كفاك نوحًا على ما مضى
‏فهقد حكمت منوت على
‏أن حلمنا نحبه قد قضى

Enough weeping over what has passed
It went like it was nothing but
A dream we dreamt and did not live

Enough weeping for over what has past
So Manat has ruled that
Our dream has passed on

هاللات حججت و نصبت و ذبحت و هدرت فنسيني غبينتي

O' Allat I have gone on pilgrimage, erected cairns, slaughtered and drained so make forget what ails me

يا نوت،
أيتها السماء و الأم،
هبينا الهدوء،
هبينا الصمت،
و نحن ننتقل إلى ليلك.

O Nut,
Firmament and mother,
Let us be calm,
Let us be quiet,
As we move into your night.

ل ثبن بن هنء و صير فـ هـ لت سلم

𐪁 𐪛𐪈𐪌 𐪈𐪌 𐪀𐪌𐪑 𐪅 𐪎𐪚𐪇 𐪐 𐪀 𐪁𐪉 𐪊𐪁𐪃

By Ṯbn son of Hnʾ and he journeyed, So, O Allāt [grant] security

This morning a bluebird was chirping outside my window
I stepped out but there was no one around
Only a faint memory of a moment we once shared
Now if I can only know what it meant

Worshiping a goddess with the body of a women well endowed
Do I need your permission to kiss your cheek
If you could read my mind then why must I speak?
Oh Asherah!

What was your name?
You of the morning and evening star
O’ Ishtar
O’ Attar
O’ Ashtar
O’ Astarte
By what name have you been called
Right here where I stand?
O’ Athtarsamē
Athtar of Heaven
Teach me your name
O’ Allat of Qedar

ل شرك بن خل بن سكرن بن صبح و طرد هذئب ظل عم من عكد يجلح فـ هـ لت سلم

𐪁 𐪆𐪇𐪋 𐪈𐪌 𐪍𐪁 𐪈𐪌 𐪊𐪋𐪇𐪌 𐪈𐪌 𐪎𐪈𐪂 𐪅 𐪗𐪇𐪕 𐪀𐪙𐪑𐪈 𐪜𐪁 𐪒𐪃 𐪃𐪌 𐪒𐪋𐪕 𐪚𐪔𐪁𐪂 𐪐 𐪀 𐪁𐪉 𐪊𐪁𐪃

By S²rk son of Ḫl son of S¹krn son of Ṣbḥ and he drove away the wolf, which was seeking to copulate, from Mn after it had attacked so, O Lt (Allat) let there be security

Relief of the divine trinity, from left to right, Aglibol, Baalshamin, and Malakbel, from Palmyra, Syria, 1st century AD

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