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O' Aluzza, Mightiest one,
Goddess of love and war,
Protector of the brave,
Shine your light on them,
Give them the strength to fight,
Morning Star, Oh, shining light,
Be the fire in their heart,
And give them the strength to win.

Baal's letter to Anat to intercede so El permits him to build a palace:

"Establish harmony on earth
Sow in love
Pour peace into the earth
And honey in the fields
Hurry towards me
I have news to tell you
The trees' story
And stones' whisper
Heaven's sighs
And the moon's conversation"

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A prayer for help and blessing from Al-Suweidah region, Syria:

AWS 218: l PN w sʿd-h rḍw nʿm w bḏ ḍr w yh brk
‘by PN and may Rḍw help him through divine favor, for there is danger here, and may he bless him’

لـ سعد بن سوءت بن لمء و سعد هـ رضو نعم و بـ ذ ضر و يه برك

𐪁 𐪊𐪒𐪕 𐪈𐪌 𐪊𐪅𐪑𐪉 𐪈𐪌 𐪁𐪃𐪑 𐪅 𐪊𐪒𐪕 𐪀 𐪇𐪓𐪅 𐪌𐪒𐪃 𐪅 𐪈 𐪙 𐪓𐪇 𐪅 𐪚𐪀 𐪈𐪇𐪋

Hail to you, Isis, Great of magical power,
The eldest in the womb of her mother, Nut,
Mighty in Heaven before Re.

Adoration to you in the night-barque,
Jubilation to you in the day-barque,
You who gave birth to all the gods.

Son of Re, Ptolemy, has come before you, Lady of Life,
On this day on which you have gloriously appeared,
To tie onto you the uraeus-diadem,
To fasten onto you the Mighty One,
Usirkare-meramun, your son Horus.

Dushara, when you went out of Seir,
when you marched out of the fields of Nabatea,
the earth trembled, the sky also dropped.
Yes, the clouds dropped water.
The mountains quaked at Dushara’s presence,
even the Golan at the presence of the God of Nabatea.
From the sky the stars fought.
From their courses, they fought against Yannai

"أفروديت كرمز ليست بموجزًا استعاريًا للتظاهر الخالع، بل تجسد الوحي بأن الكون حب".

- فيسنتي فيريرا دا سيلفا.

"Afrodite encarnaria, enquanto símbolo, não uma sinopse alegórica das manifestações eróticas, mas, pelo contrário, seria a própria revelação do mundo enquanto amor."

- Vicente Ferreira da Silva.

Praise Ishtar, lovely goddess
Of love and war
Of fertility and sex
Praise Ishtar the morning star
Praise her always
And may her blessings never seize

Ishtar O’ Ishtar
From the banks of the Tigris and Euphrates
To the Sierras of Iberia
Worshipped by all near and far

Ishtar O’ Ishtar
Wielding your shield and spear
Goddess of war and sex
You wept when Enlil flooded humanity

لـ طلق بن جيز بن شهيت بن سحد هـ دميت و هـ رضو فلطه من شنء
𐪁 𐪗𐪁𐪄 𐪈𐪌 𐪔𐪚𐪘 𐪈𐪌 𐪆𐪀𐪚𐪉 𐪈𐪌 𐪊𐪂𐪕 𐪀 𐪕𐪃𐪚𐪉 𐪅 𐪀 𐪇𐪓𐪅 𐪐𐪁𐪗𐪀 𐪃𐪌 𐪆𐪌𐪑

Open your wings
Have mercy on us, O' Uzza
Give us from your pride
And do not make us grieve

Goddess of love and war
In both you're just even if we're defeated
Grant us your gifts
With them we persevere and live

Our beloved Aluzza
Of eternal smile
Grant us pride and glory
And eternal love

Art by Hazem Ameen

I seek your protection, for all events are by you accomplished
You have made fragrant the steady rain, for you have been open-handed
You have aided us, O' Shams, for it is you who have the rain provided
And we beseech you that with constant rain may your people ever be anointed

Here's Isis from Wadi Siyyagh, Petra. This is the only place Isis is explicitly identified in Petra and the statue doesn't match Her iconography elsewhere in the Greco-Roman world.
Without the inscription identifying Her as Isis we would've speculated if the statute depicted Al-'Uzza or Atargatis

لـ عذرإل بن بنصره و حيو رضو
𐪁 𐪒𐪙𐪇𐪑𐪁 𐪈𐪌 𐪈𐪌𐪎𐪇𐪀 𐪅 𐪂𐪚𐪅 𐪇𐪓𐪅
By ʿḏrʾl son of Bnṣrh and prolong life Rḍw

معبودتي عشتار
‏معشوقتي عشتار
‏إلهة الحب و الجمال و الجنس و الحرب
‏من فرات لفرات
‏إلهة كل ما يملؤ الوجود جود
‏قديمة قبل كل ما كان
‏شابة بكر في كل آن
‏أبدية سرمدية بعد كل فان
‏واهبة الحياة و الحرية
‏نتغنى بحبك الغامر
‏كأنه تدفق دجلة و الفرات
‏⁧‫‬⁩ ⁧‫‬⁩


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