Stela of Ba'al Samay from Dura-Europos called Zeus in one Greek inscription and Zeus Kyrios in another

Niche with three betyls located north of the High Place of Sacrifice in Petra. Above a step and an altar-like bench the smoothed wall with the niche rises up, framing a tall baetyl and two shorter ones, which stand on a base (mōtab). Some scholars think the moon crescents are a reference to Allat but this is speculative

أقيمي في الأرض وئاماً
وابذري في التراب محبة
واسكبي سلاماً في كبد الأرض
وعسلاً في الحقول
لتسرع خطواتك نحوي
فعندي خبر أقوله لك
حكاية الشجر
وهمس الحجر
وتنهد السماء إلى الأرض
ونجوى القمر إلى الكواكب

The Archaeology of Cult of Ancient Israel’s Southern Neighbors and the Midianite-Kenite Hypothesis

> the pre-Israelite roots of Yahwism can be traced back to the tribes living in the arid belt to the south and southeast of Palestine—the Negev, southern Transjordan (ancient Edom), and northern Hejaz (ancient Midian).

These earrings are decorated with two eyes and a nose, representing Al-'Uzza, from Al-Naqab, southern Palestine.

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