@stux fingers crossed 😌 🤞 here's one of my ideas: how about a gym that pays you to go to it? all the exercise equipment is hooked up to generators and they sell the power you produce and give you a share of the profit 🔋 🔌 💸

We need something that converts the body heat from holding your phone to power for the battery. I would never have to charge again :blobcatgiggle: :doge:

We realized earlier that the default notification noise for Mastodon is the same noise that happens when you defeat an enemy by jumping on its head in Mario Maker.

They always say “buy low, sell high” but, in my opinion, it’s bad to make any kind of investment decision while high

as it turns out, i've been shadow banned for saying that it's not okay to oppress or harass someone on the basis of their gender 😔 ✨

once you start referring to tony stark as mr shark there's no looking back

fun drinking game 🍻: take a shot for every time someone mentions RMS

how many shots have you taken already?

> american hospital
> depression checkup caused by financial problems
> help received
> check the bill
> $2869 for the single session


With all the Zoom classes going in, the members of the young generation really are Zoomers.

A programmer was sentenced to 255 days in jail. He asked the judge if he could make it 256 days instead. The judge granted his request and the programmer walked free the next day.

[Ctrl-l] # This is usually equivalent to running 'clear'. Its usually quicker and doesn't leave the command in your command line history.

*to the tune of the Doofenshmirtz theme* Attention Deficit Disorder

Fun Fact: Obama doesn’t like hot dogs. Subscribe for more Obama Facts!

me trying to fight my greatest enemy, but i realise my greatest enemy is myself :tiredcat: :tiredcat: :tiredcat:

Someone:Do you use vim?

Me: Yeah yeah, um I do use vim

...to clean the floor

David Korten: The corporation is not a person and it does not live. It is a lifeless bundle of legally protected financial rights and relationships brilliantly designed to serve money and its imperatives. It is money that flows in its veins, not blood. The corporation has neither soul nor conscience.


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