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@Weetile Eh, if only existed an emoji to express an one-sided handshake you could have used it to substitute the "handshake" between Mastodon and the Far-Right

@engineer_kappa yeah πŸ˜” or to be fair I could have spent the two minutes to make it an actual image 😭 😭

@Weetile It's fine, we can't always be wasting time or mental energy on meme making anyway

@Weetile There's always the rabid edge that lives only for a fight, but the Fedi is a place where left and right, cis and trans, and, well, everyone can get together and find common ground.

I'm absolutely sure I'm nothing like most of my followers or followed. And most of them aren't like each other! But here we all are, talking about our house plants and cats.

Respect for each other as individuals is the foundation. From there, we can build acceptance of our differences.

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