We just finished recording another episode of #DLNXtend. #MattDLN, @WendyDLN and I discussed the awesomeness of all that is @thepine64 . Every time they come up in conversation, I crave more of their devices. #PineTab anyone? 🥳 #Linux @DestinationLinux

@WendyDLN absolutely! I'm still hanging out for the Keyboard case, and LoRaWAN 😁 @DestinationLinux @CubicleNate

@nick I can't wait to get a PineBook Pro! Already loving the PineTime.

@DestinationLinux @CubicleNate

@WendyDLN good on ya! If you're on a #PinebookPro, make sure to experiment with different Desktop Environments. I've found #Manjaro #KDE to be the most flexible, but definitely not the fastest. XFCE is fast, but missing some quality of life apps like KDE Connect, which is great for the #PinePhone. #GNOME has #GSConnect, but it's a little less stable/proven. I'd love to hear how you go! @DestinationLinux @CubicleNate

@nick @DestinationLinux @WendyDLN Someday I'll get myself a #PineBookPro. I am leaning more towards a #PineTab for now but I have a bunch of other projects to knock out in the near future anyway. Also, both of those items are out of stock when I checked earlier today.

@CubicleNate I understand. Go for it mate! I'm trying very hard to live the Libre Life. @DestinationLinux @WendyDLN

@nick it has been a long time since I ran XFCE, but it probably would be nice on an ARM device. I'm definitely checking regularly to see when the PineBooks are back in stock.

@CubicleNate you have a lot going on and in the middle of several projects, it can wait. 😉


@WendyDLN @nick @DestinationLinux I am excited about the progress I am making today. It's motivating when you make progress and empty boxes.

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