Hanging out with @CubicleNate and @MattDLN as we get ready to record another episode of This week we will be discussing this article

What are your thoughts on this?

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@WendyDLN And it is some of the most fun I can have in a single day!

@CubicleNate it is definitely one of my favorites parts of every week as well!

@WendyDLN @CubicleNate I think it has already been mentioned by @dasgeek that they are just going overboard with their "Every preference has a cost, and this cost rises exponentially as you add more of them."

I'll be curious when you won't even be allowed to change the fonts, because they have solved the "underlying issue" and decided that `Comic Sans` is the single best font out there :thonking: :blobfoxlaughsweat:

@RyuKurisu sounds a lot like @CubicleNate, Matt and I during the conversation yesterday! @dasgeek

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