Interval weight training was on the workout today.

Set 1 - 5 rounds
- 5 clean and jerk at 73% of 1RM
- 1 min max kettlebell head cutters (track reps)
- rest 1:15 between rounds

Set 2 - 3 rounds
- 20 devil's press
- 2 min run (track distance)
- rest 2:00 between rounds

Set 3 - 1 round
- 30 dumbbell burpees to upright row (track time)

Rest 5 minutes between sets. Use the same weight on head cutters, devil's press and DB burpees to upright row

@dude47 it was a bum kicker, for sure! Snatch and bench press are the main lifts for today, with some all out cardio at the end.

@dude47 it does! I've been back at it since mid June. Not as consistent as I'd like though. The program that I used is having a challenge that starts the end of September. I think I'm going to join in this time.
I only share workouts that I've modified to fit the equipment that I have. I wish we had a good functional gym around here.

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