Last week was the first week back to coop and I only got one in. 🥺 Doesn't look like I will get one in today either... I need to figure out how to get it in even when my days are crammed. So I'll be taking the challenge that starts on the 20th. Who is with me? I don't want to backtrack on my strength progress this school year!

$50(-10 = $40)USD

World-Class Training Programs for Any Gym Type
5 or 6 Days a Week, 30-90 Minute Sessions
Workout Tutorial Videos
Nutrition and Mobility Plans
Facebook Support Group
How is the program delivered?
The program is hosted in our app (Naked Training) where you can view daily workouts, warm-ups and exercise demo videos.

Good until end of challenge on November 15th.
I'll consider it- but being restricted to an app when I'm trying to pull away from the Google services is a bit of a bummer.


@lucifargundam ya, I wish I could access the workouts from the browser. I used their stuff a bit last and started up again in June. I've tried so many different ones and Naked is definitely one of the best (for me). Actually, I like the program from Dana Linn Bailey better, but it is almost all lifting. While I HATE cardio I know I need some for total body health.

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