When I tell people that I have reactions to almost everything, they think I'm exaggerating. I "cheated" and had some peppers last night (I get the same reaction to tomatoes and others in the nightshade family), and the welts have started. 😭

@WendyDLN hopefully it will get better soon. How long do they last?


@dude47 they take about a week to go away, and feel like a super deep bruise. I just need to be good and eat only things my body will tolerate.

@dude47 and I haven't been good with that either. Dang co-op starting up has been hard. I need to figure out how to get consistent even with all th stuff going on.

@WendyDLN yeah you have a busy schedule, but you'll figure it out, maybe lower the amount of exercises? chose a couple you like doing and do those

@dude47 that is a good idea. If I could just do one thing, it would be weight lifting. I really dislike cardio. I'll spend the weekend getting caught up on stuff so that I can rock my workouts next week.

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