Last year my dishwasher went out. This year it looks like my refrigerator is going out. To be fair, we got it used just over 9 years ago... With all the shortages, not a good time for it to start dying though.

Time to either repair or replace with used!

I've never bought a new home appliance >$200 . I have my reasons.


@lucifargundam I bought my washer and dryer new 7 years ago. We used cloth diapers. I had a series of used washers and dryers beforehand which were a waste of money. I figured I would check the used market, not holding my breath there. Our dying fridge is close to 20 years old. We got it from family.

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I could be wrong but that doesn't seem to be a long time for it to go out. You're right though- regardless, now would not be a good time for it to go out. But you can try and see this an opportunity... Now there's a need to learn how to repair household appliances. There's plenty of places where I live that offer such services- but I live in an urban area.

@lucifargundam my 7 year old washer and dryer are running great. The fridge finished dying today. It was manufactured April 1996. I think it lasted a good long time.

Ah, ok. Yeah a fridge from 96 having lasted this long has had a good run- especially if it survived a few moves!

@lucifargundam my aunt and uncle had it before us. It survived whatever they did with it, a 3 hour drive home with us, my four kids and an additional move with us. It has lived a long life.

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