New fridge is home and installed...

1) is it a smart fridge?
2) does it dispense ice?
3) did you get a new filter?
4) what's the first thing you had put in it?
5) have your kids climbed inside yet?
6) did you pay to have the old one taken away?

1) It isn't a smart fridge. Those cost way to much for me.
2) There is no ice/water dispenser on the outside. There is an ice maker in the freezer. We don't have a water line to it, so it won't be used.
3) No need for filters, for the reason above.
4) Nothing yet! It had to sit for two hours before plugging it in. It just got powered on about 20 min ago. We probably won't get to actually get groceries in it until we get home from coop tomorrow.

5) No, but I'm sure the first time mom isn't looking the youngest will.
6) We picked it up and unloaded it. We'll haul the old one off ourselves. There is a place near us that will recycle them.

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